How to Gift Spotify Premium to Someone?

Want to give the gift of unlimited, ad-free music streaming? It is a simple process of buying the Spotify Premium gift card which can be used by him/her to get their subscription.

Choose the length of gift subscription you would like to give Spotify Premium gift cards: You can purchase a Spotify premium subscription of 1, 3, 6 and sometimes even little longer (12months) period. At standard subscription rates, the cards run $9.99 for 1-month card, $29.97 for a 3-month card, and cost anywhere from$59.94 to upto as much as close to an yearly PS Plus Membership which retails at about One Hundred Nineteen Dollars ($119.88). The length of time itself depends upon your budget and what the individual needs.

After you have decided how long, buy the gift card of Spotify Premium Some of these cards are available to purchase online from the Spotify website or in your favorite retail store Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy. Digital ones are painless and the cards can be sent through email directly to the user, physicals work well for gift giving in real.

This means that you will not have to go through the trouble of buying a Spotify Premium gift card online from legit places. Choose a quantity and Add to cart from here. Web Service: If you are sending a web postcard, the recipient's email address is required. Once purchased, the recipient will receive an email to redeem that code and activate their Spotify Premium account.

Otherwise, you'll need to purchase a gift card in-store. You find these all usually in the gift card section. After purchase, the card will feature a code on its back which you can give to your friend/loved one so they could use it for their Spotify Premium.

To claim the gift card, a recipient can visit Spotify website and then log into their account or sign up for one if they don't have before. Next they must move to the redemption page and with gift card provided by you, should enter into their code and click on Redeem now tab as per instructions it ask for that steps. If the recipient redeems your offer it will begin with a full Premium subscription period now, no matter expiration date of his or her existing free (or discounted) account.

There are some benefits that make using Spotify Premium a better experience than with the free version. Ads free listening, offline music downloading and high-quality 320kbps audio streaming. In addition, users have unlimited track skips and on-demand playback of any song (functions not available in the free version). Why Spotify Premium is an awesome gift

The platform had 205 million premium subscribers, according to a report by Spotify of the same year - deciding on one album and way or another was massively popular. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said, “Music is the most personal art form there is. Spotify Premium is in lock-step with this mission, giving others the opportunity to experience music in a personally tailored and constant sort of way.

In a survey by Statista from 2021, it stated that of Spotify customers among the paid users offering premium services as part of their subscriptions 68% think this price is worth it. This is another reason to give the favor Spotify Premium, since it gives direct access with the personalized music streaming service.

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